Our Community Covenant

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"Our Community" Initiative:

Purpose:  To rally the community, both 'town & gown', to make and embrace a covenant, of our mutual values and commitments by public declaration, and to remember the tragic events of the last few months, to bring attention to the prevention of and healing from physical and sexual abuse, and to inaugurate an annual 'Our Community Day'.

Our Community Covenant - find out more...

Our Community Covenant is a step in the healing process of the last few month's heartbreaking events, by publicly declaring what we value, what we tolerate, what we stand for, and what we are committed to.   

Our Community Covenant forms the core of a proposed annual renewal of this declaration called, 'Our Community Day'.

Our Community Day - find out more...

Our Community Day is a proposed annual community unifying event, serving as a memorial for those wounded by abuse, a reaffirmation of our values and commitments and will take on other specific emphasis, theme, cause or objective year in and year out.    Eventually, 'Our Community Day' will become both a memorial and a celebration, looking back and looking forward.

Our Community Day is proposed for Saturday, October 13th, 2012 with details forthcoming.

Who is included in "Our Community"?

Defining the boundaries of 'Our Community' as Centre County and Penn State is not an attempt to assume inclusion or exclusion of any person or entity. 'Our Community' is as wide as anywhere people live who would consider themselves a part of the Penn State, State College, Centre Region and County community.    Persons and groups who share these concerns, values and commitments are invited and encouraged to join together in this initiative, become charter signers of 'Our Community Covenant' and plan to attend the first annual 'Our Community Day' in September.

Public Proclamation

October 13th

10am - 12:30am

In front of the Municipal Building on Allen Street.

Download a flyer.

Download the Covenant to print.

Our Community Day Events

10 am - Welcome & Introduction: State College Mayor Elizabeth Goreham

Remarks: Centre County President Judge Thomas Kistler

Remarks: Director of the Centre County Woman's Resource Centre, Ann Arde

Our Community Covenant Declaration: Founding Pastor, Keystone Church, State College, Perry Babb

10:45 am - Arts & Entertainment : music, magic, drama & more.

  • Centre County Community Foundation
  • Centre County United Way
  • Centre County Women's Resource Center
  • State College Borough


In late fall, State College Mayor, Elizabeth Goreham had been contacted by several friends and colleagues who where all asking the same questions, 'What can we do to help our community?'. She gathered this group, which came to include 3 county-wide nonprofit group representatives, PSU staff and student representatives, local elected officials, and other community volunteers and professionals. An idea was settled upon which had originally been proposed several years before by a task force working on other community issues. The idea was to simply and clearly state our mutual values. This group convened by Mayor Goreham built upon the idea of a community covenant and believe this initiative will not only lay out some core values we hold to, but also become an annual rallying point unifying the 'town & gown' and wider community.

Group Endorsements

Includes Organizations, Non-Profits, Governmental Agencies, Corporations and Business endorsements.

  • Centre County United Way
  • The Borough of State College
  • Off-Campus Student Union
  • AAUW State College Branch
  • Global Connections
  • KeyChurch
  • Centre County Women's Resource Center
  • Penn State
  • Community Diversity Group
  • Interfaith Initiative Centre County
  • Centre Volunteers in Medicine
  • Black Graduate Student Association
  • Keystone Church & Ministries
  • Clinefelter's Flooring LLC
  • Leadership Centre County
  • Congregation Brit Shalom
  • Centre Region Council of Governments
  • Centre County Community Foundation
  • Care Partnership Communities That Care
  • Centre County Court of Common Pleas
  • State College Young Professionals
  • Park Forest Baptist Church
  • Darkness to Light
  • Mid-State Literacy Council, Inc.
  • Downtown State College Improvement District
  • Hope For Kids
  • Skills of Central Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • CentrePeace, Inc.
  • Cynthia M. Shaler, Consultant
  • Penn State Rock Ethics Institute
  • Centre County Board of Commissioners
  • Housing Transitions, Inc.
  • Office of Residence Life
  • Sunrise State College Rotary Club
  • Strawberry Fields, Inc.
  • village at penn state residents
  • The AIDS Project
  • Child Development and Family Council of Centre County, Inc.
  • Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania
  • Grace Fellowship Church of State College
  • The LION 90.7fm
  • American Red Cross - Centre Communities Chapter
  • State College Area Food Bank
  • State College Family Medicine LLC
  • Council of LionHearts
  • Interfaith Human Services
  • Sight Loss Support Group of Central PA
  • Community Help Centre
  • Center for Alternatives in Community Justice
  • Calvary Church
  • The State Theatre
  • State College Christian Church
  • Penn State Hillel
  • Schlow Centre Region Library
  • University Mennonite Church
  • St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
  • Faith U.C.C.
  • Faith U.C.C.
  • Juniata Valley Council Boy Scouts of America
  • St.Paul's United Methodist Church
  • State College Presbyterian Church
  • Centre/Huntingdon Tapestry of Health

Individual Endorsements

  • Michael Flanagan, M.D.
  • Catherine Dauler
  • Kristen Hansen
  • Regina Sherwood
  • William Snyder III
  • Ann Dodd
  • Lloyd Huck
  • Barbara Bellehumeur
  • Shawna McKean
  • Rick Wilkinson
  • Dawn Taylor
  • Courtney Hayden
  • Meagan Tuttle
  • Sally
  • Morgan Weber
  • Jacqueline Babb
  • Meredith B. Risheberger
  • Barb Weaver
  • Keiko RatcliffePilato
  • Kenneth & Donna Greene
  • Peter Montminy
  • Stephen Althouse
  • Jody K. Althouse
  • Charlotte Rubel
  • Mary Ann Kresen, Esquire
  • Sharon Youtzy
  • Joanne Green
  • Arlene Rivera
  • Joseph Nichisti
  • Elizabeth Goreham
  • Hamza Shabbir
  • Kelsey Fleming
  • Ronald L. Filippelli
  • Representative Scott Conklin
  • James L. Taylor III
  • Diane Ray
  • Laurel Petrulionis
  • Linda Trevino
  • Heather A. James, PSU '92
  • Louise H Hudson
  • Congressman Glenn GT Thompson
  • Eileen Wise
  • Carol Pioli
  • Tara Banerjee
  • Laura Anderson
  • David M. Rice, Ph.D.
  • Joseph Bellehumeur
  • Cynthia M. Shaler, Consultant
  • Ralph W. Stewart
  • Ryan K. Brown, Jr.
  • Melanie Bernier
  • Jay Arcuri
  • Lydia P. Abdullah
  • Brent A. Frank
  • Steve Garguilo
  • Jeffrey H Baker, MD
  • Tammy Gentzel
  • Teresa A. Abdulbaaqee
  • Debra Greenleaf
  • Marce Pancio
  • Andrea Falzone
  • Anne Ard
  • Dana Stuchul
  • Sue Cromwell
  • mark meckstroth
  • Meta Meckstroth
  • Rev. Coqui Conkey
  • Jane Danz
  • James L Rosenberger
  • Marcia Hegeman
  • Clinton Hegeman
  • Rachel Fetzer


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