Campaign Graphic

Group of people standing together with text "Together, We Can"


Each year our annual campaign runs from February 1st through Janruary 31st. Funds raised though out campaign are used to support our Partner Agency Network. Contributions to our campaign come from a variety of sources and donors. Learn more about each of these campaign segments below. For more information on how to become involved with our annual campaign contact your Campaign and Relationship Manager: Ja Nae Wian at



Residential donors are comprised of various individuals and families in our community who provide direct financial support to our annual campaign not related to their workplace. We reach these donors by connecting through mail, email, and online appeals.  

Corporate and Workplace Campaigns

Our coprorate partners provide support by making corporate donations and conducting workplace campaigns to solicit annual contributions and sustained giving through payroll deductions from their employees. 

Penn State United Way Campaign

Centre County United Way is the 'charity of choice' for Penn State University faculty and staff. Our partnership is invaluable and year over year Penn State accounts for nearly 44% of all campaign funds raised! This impressive feat is accomplished through a variety of means; PSU hosted special events like the PSU IT Golf Tournament, Over The Edge, and many other inter-department fundraisers, payroll deductions and workplace campaigning, and the support of Penn State retirees who are engaged each year.